Dragon Medical software with Bundle Package (Citrix)


  • Dictation: Dictate notes, reports, emails, and other medical documents directly into your computer using your voice.
  • Medical vocabulary: Dragon Medical is trained on a vast medical vocabulary, so it can accurately recognize even the most complex medical terms.

Nuance Dragon Medical software is a powerful speech recognition tool designed specifically for healthcare professionals. It allows you to dictate notes, reports, and other medical documents directly into your computer using your voice.

When it comes to bundle packages, there are quite a few options available, as different bundles cater to different needs and budgets. To help you choose the best one, I need some more information:

  • Which edition of Dragon Medical are you interested in? There are different editions available, such as Dragon Medical One, Practice Edition, and Specialty Editions. Each edition has its own features and pricing.
  • What kind of hardware are you looking for? Some bundles include a dictation microphone, headset, or foot pedal, which can improve your dictation accuracy and comfort.
  • Do you need any additional software or services? Some bundles include training materials, transcription services, or support plans.

Once you provide me with this information, I can give you some specific recommendations for Dragon Medical bundle packages.

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