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Dragon Professional v16 Upgrade


Dragon Professional v16 upgrade is available for Dragon Home v15 and Dragon Professional Individual v15 users.

  • Achieve even better accuracy as Dragon continually adapts to your voice
  • Create custom words and commands to reflect your personal preferences
  • Short-cut repetitive processes using simple voice commands

One Dragon to serve them all

From solo practitioners to global organizations, professionals in document-intensive industries have long relied on Dragon speech recognition to create high‑quality documentation faster and more efficiently, reducing administrative overhead so they can focus on clients. Find out how Dragon Professional v16 is raising the bar with a single solution that serves individuals and groups in every sector of business.

Nuance Deep Learning technology

With a next‑generation speech engine powered by Nuance Deep Learning technology, Dragon achieves high recognition accuracy while dictating—even for users with accents or those working in open office or mobile environments, making it ideal for diverse workgroups and settings.


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