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Speech Recognition is not Available in this Application

I am getting this Error message

Speech recognition is not available in this application because the version you are using is not compatible with the speech recognition server. Please upgrade you application. While using Dragon Medical One


The device you have selected is not recommended, the recording quality might not be good enough for speech recognition. On Dragon Medical One.

Solution for this Error

While using Dragon Medical One, it is normal that you get this kind of error message.

The reason for this error message is that you are using old version of Dragon Medical One.

You need to update your DMO version to the latest one which is Dragon Medical One Installer 2023.4 (v24.1.24.0).

Please update it and your issue will be solved.


If you are getting above error message on DMO while login on the application, then no need to worry it is usual and can be solved easily.

If issue is solved then contact our customer service here.

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